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Emma Stevenson speaks at Association of Prison Lawyers Annual Conference

On 6 December 2018, Emma Stevenson presented a lecture entitled 'Update on Risk Assessment – Understanding Risk and Protective Factors' at the Association of Prison Lawyers Annual Conference in London.

Other papers presented at the conference were:

  • Adjudications: Dulcie Piff (Birds Solicitors), Dr.Laura Janes (The Howard League)

  • Parole: Dean Kingham (Swain & Co.), John Turner (Kyles Legal Practice)

  • Case Law Update: Hamish Arnott (Bhatt Murphy) and Ayesha Christie (Matrix Chambers), Chaired by Dan Squires QC (Matrix Chambers)

  • Meeting the Needs of Specific Client Groups - Young Adults (Dr.Laura Janes, The Howard League) and Women Prisoners with presentations from Stephanie Davin, Policy Officer at the Howard League, Sara Lomri, Deputy Legal Director of the Public Law Project and followed by discussion led by Sally Middleton, Birnberg Peirce and Kate Lill of Prisoners' Advice Service.

  • Update from the Parole Board and Q&A: Martin Jones, Chief Executive Officer, The Parole Board and Caroline Corby, Chair, Parole Board


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