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We have extensive experience of providing targeted teaching in a number of specialised areas. We have provided training to both local and national organisations and we also teach at a number of universities, both on a regular and ad hoc basis.


Our teaching and training events always commence with an analysis of the learners’ needs. This is then translated into a bespoke teaching or training package with associated learning objectives to meet those needs.


We consider that evaluating the immediate and longer term impact of our teaching and training events is critical to ensure that the commissioning organisation can observe measurable change. 

Examples of teaching and training we have provided include: 


  • Being an expert witness for the Parole Board 

  • Report writing for expert witnesses

  • Assessment  of young people who commit serious offences

  • Assessing young adults who have committed (or who are at risk of committing) sexual offences 

  • Ethical practice and regulation for forensic psychologists

  • Risk assessment for lawyers 

  • Identifying sexually harmful behaviour in educational settings

  • Working with men who have committed sexual offences to reduce risk

  • Assessing and treating offence-related sexual interests 

  • Assessing risk in children under the age of criminal responsibility 

  • Clinical supervision and reflective practice 

  • Clinical and risk formulation 

  • The impact of imprisonment on children and young adults 

  • Assessing psycho-social maturity

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