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Dr Louise Bowers to speak at Anonymity online seminar on 26 September

Louise is delighted to have been asked to speak at this seminar where issues around anonymity for children in the criminal courts will be considered.

This free event, which will be held online at 4pm on Monday 26 September, has been organised by the Children’s Rights Group at Doughty Street Chambers and the Youth Justice Legal Centre at Just for Kids Law to tie in with the launch of their legal guide on anonymity.

This guide provides an overview of the law on reporting restrictions for children in criminal courts in England and Wales, and provides practical tips for practitioners to help prevent children in the Criminal Justice System being named in the press.

Louise has special expertise in considering the psychological impact of lifting reporting restrictions at the age of 18, for children who have previously been granted anonymity.

She was appointed as the expert psychologist in four of the eight cases where children have been granted life-long anonymity, and she will be sharing her experiences of working on these cases.


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