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BA, MSc, ForenPsyD, CSci, AFBPsS

Dr Louise Bowers is a HCPC registered forensic psychologist, BPS chartered psychologist, registered practice supervisor, chartered scientist, and associate fellow of the BPS.

Dr Louise Bowers

Louise has an honours degree in Psychology from Sheffield University, a masters degree in Applied Criminological Psychology from the University of London, and a doctorate in Forensic Psychology Practice from the University of Birmingham.  


She qualified as a forensic psychologist in 1995. Since then, she has worked in a wide range of forensic settings, including employment with HM Prison Service, Youth Offending Service and NHS, and locum contracts with Partnerships in Care, The Priory Group and a number of local authority secure children’s units. She has worked in private practice since 2005. 
Louise was one of the first two forensic psychologists appointed to the Parole Board in 2003 where she served until 2010 when her term of office ended.


She is currently a partner of the HCPC and sits on fitness to practice panels.


Louise holds an academic position at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and she lectures on the MSc in Forensic Psychology at Coventry University.


She is a BPS registered applied psychology practice supervisor and she also supervises a number of students on the Post Graduate Forensic Psychology Practitioner Programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Louise is a Bond Solon/ University of Cardiff accredited expert witness and regularly provides reports and gives evidence in Parole Board hearings and in the Crown Court, Youth Court, Appeal Court and High Court. She is a forensic psychologist member of the BPS Expert Witness Advisory group. 

She specialises in risk assessment and treatment planning for sexual offenders, violent offenders, fire setters and those with mental health conditions and personality disorders. She is also able to assess for cognitive problems and neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ASD and ADHD, which might impact on an individual’s ability to participate effectively in the criminal justice process. She is frequently instructed as an expert in high-profile, challenging and unusual cases.

Louise has developed particular expertise in working with children and young people who are involved with the criminal justice system or who are at risk of offending.


She is the country’s leading expert in assessing the impact of publicly identifying children and young people who have committed extremely serious offences and where there is a high level of media interest.


She has assessed the effects of removing anonymity for a number of such children and young people (at the point of sentence or when they turn 18 years of age) and her evidence has been used to support a number of life-long anonymity orders being granted to young adults.


Louise is a leader in applying forensic psychology to education and she is frequently commissioned as a consultant in mainstream and alternative educational settings.

She maintains a significant practice base and is well known for sharing her expertise through teaching, training, consulting with and supervising others.

Louise is trained and highly competent in the use of the following risk, personality, cognitive and psychometric assessment measures:

  • Risk of sexual violence protocol (RSVP)

  • Risk matrix 2000 (RM2000)

  • Historical clinical and risk management 20  - version 3 (HCR-20 v3)

  • Spousal assault risk assessment - version 3 (SARA v3)

  • Stalking assessment & management (SAM)

  • Psychopathy measures – PCL-SV, PCL-R and PCL-YV

  • Structured assessment of violence risk in youth (SAVRY)

  • Protective and risk observations for eliminating sexual offence recidivism (PROFESOR) 

  • Juvenile sex offender assessment protocol (JSOAP)

  • Youth level of service/case management inventory (YLS/CMI)

  • Structured assessment of protective factors (SAPROF) adult and youth versions 

  • Psychopathy checklist – revised (PCL-R)

  • Psychopathy checklist – youth version (PCL-YV)

  • International personality disorder examination (IPDE)

  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – fourth edition (WAIS - IV)

  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – fifth edition (WISC-V)

  • ACE and ACE+  (ADHD diagnostic evaluation for children and adults)  

  • The Gudjonsson suggestibility and compliance scales

Please contact Louise if you require a copy of her professional CV.

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