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Forensic Psychologist

Emma Stevenson is a HCPC registered forensic psychologist, and BPS chartered psychologist, chartered scientist, and associate fellow of the BPS.

Emma has an honours degree in Psychology from Brunel University, and a Masters degree in Legal and Criminological Psychology from Leicester University.


She qualified as a forensic psychologist in 2003. Since then, she has worked in a wide range of prison settings, and has some experience working in secure hospitals.


She has worked full time in private practice since 2008. 
Emma holds an academic position at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where she supervises a number of students on the Post Graduate Forensic Psychology Practitioner Programme.


She also has experience lecturing at post graduate level at Manchester Metropolitan University, and at undergraduate level for Bradford University.

Emma regularly appears as an expert witness before the parole board and tribunals, and has provided expert reports to the Crown, Border Agency, Family and Administrative Courts.

She specialises in risk assessment and treatment planning for sexual and violent offenders, and fire setters.


She is an expert provider of all services relating to the assessment procedures, delivery and supervision of treatment for men who have committed sexual offences, including managing the health and wellbeing of treatment providers.


She also offers supervision and consultancy to manage individuals who present safeguarding concerns within religious groups.


Notably, Emma has developed particular expertise in working with men who have offence-related sexual interests, in both assessment and treatment. She also has extensive experience in personality disorder and psychopathy assessment. 
Emma maintains a significant practice base and is well known for sharing her expertise through teaching, training consulting with and supervising others. 

Emma Stevenson

Emma is trained and highly competent in the use of the following risk, personality and psychometric assessment measures:

  • Juvenile sex offender assessment protocol (JSOAP)

  • Risk of sexual violence protocol (RSVP)

  • Sexual violence risk-20 (SVR-20)

  • ARMIDILO (Assessment of Risk and Manageability of Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Limitations who Offend)

  • Risk matrix 2000 (RM2000)

  • Historical clinical and risk management 20  - version 3 (HCR-20 v3)

  • Spousal assault risk assessment - version 3 (SARA v3)

  • Stalking assessment & management (SAM)

  • Structured assessment of violence risk in youth (SAVRY)

  • Structured assessment of protective factors (SAPROF) adult and youth versions 

  • Psychopathy checklist – revised (PCL-R)

  • International personality disorder examination (IPDE)

  • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – fourth edition (WAIS - IV)

  • The Gudjonsson suggestibility and compliance scales

Please contact Emma if you require a copy of her professional CV.

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