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We are able to provide clinical supervision to both individuals and teams using a range of supervision models. 

We have a strong commitment to supporting the next generation of forensic psychologists and Louise and Emma both hold academic positions at Cardiff Metropolitan University where they supervise a number of students who are completing the Post Graduate Forensic Psychology Practitioner Programme.


In addition, Louise is a BPS registered applied psychology practice supervisor and she is therefore approved to supervise forensic psychologists in training completing stage two of the BPS qualification in Forensic Psychology.


We also have vast experience of providing group supervision to teams who work within the criminal justice system, often supporting individuals who work in extremely challenging front-line roles. 


We can also provide consultancy to teams or organisations in order to support development of clinical skills and assist with service development. When engaging in consultancy work we always select a consultancy model that best meets issues identified and will support the growth of the organisation.

Examples of supervision and consultancy we have provided include: 

  • Clinical supervision for staff in a residential home that accommodates children who have engaged in sexually harmful behaviour

  • Supervising staff in HM Prison Service who deliver treatment to high risk prisoners 

  • Supervising trainee forensic psychologists where the supervisor had to take unexpected and prolonged leave 

  • Supervising teams who work with men who have engaged in sexually harmful behaviour in secure hospital settings

  • Working with religious organisations to support them in identifying potential sexually harmful behaviour

  • Consulting on risk assessment procedures in a pupil referral unit

  • Evaluating the needs of young sexual offenders across the secure prison estate 

  • Evaluating the needs of children and young people residing in a secure children’s home 

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