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Dr Louise Bowers interviewed by Let’s Talk Forensic Psychology

Dr Louise Bowers was recently interviewed by Laura Jacobs, Dr Geraldine Akerman and Dr Kate Geraghty for the Let’s Talk Forensic Psychology YouTube channel.

Louise is an expert in the assessment and treatment of children and young adults who commit serious offences.

She was therefore delighted when the Let’s Talk Forensic Psychology team asked to interview her for an episode on this topic, entitled: 'Working forensically with children and young adults'.

Within this episode, Louise describes her wide ranging career and how she developed specialist expertise in working forensically with children and young adults.

She talks about her assessment and treatment approaches as well as the critical differences between working with adults and younger populations and the challenges this presents.

She describes what a typical day may look like for a psychologist working with younger populations, as well as explaining more about the types of cases where she is instructed.

Louise finishes the episode by highlighting her proudest achievements and hopes for the future.


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